Honoring Our Heroes
"Advocates For All Veterans"

Raising The American FlagVision Statement

Our vision is to see the success of our fellow veterans in becoming active participants in our society. This organization will enrich the lives of those who have sacrificed so much to protect our freedoms, and allow them to rise above adversity. We will work directly with veterans who are having difficulties assimilating back into society; so they will return to being viable and productive citizens who stepped up to serve our country.

Mission Statement

Honoring Our Heroes is committed to assisting
veterans attain a valued civilian life.
This mission is carried forward by:

  • Instilling self-confidence and self-worth through education
  • Promotion of ethical pursuits and love of country/community
  • Assisting veterans with filing disability claims
  • Encouragement of economic growth though employment
  • Assisting veterans to become drug independent when necessary
  • Seeking psychological support for veterans suffering Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

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